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It’s Not Us It’s You

I think everyone in IT has said this (or wanted to). Even when you are right it’s not a great way to deliver a support message. However if you can objectively and gracefully show customers where problems are on their side then it completely changes the conversation. It keeps it from getting combative with finger […]

Customer Networks Bringing You Down?

The customer environment is killing support teams. It seems like most of the time is spent scaling the back end of cloud applications. The problem is that most of the support tickets are spent remotely troubleshooting technologies on the customer side. I talk a lot with support teams and the one recurring theme is “if […]

IBM & MS Are Catching Up

Microsoft and IBM’s cloud revenue jumped 164% and 82% respectively in Q2 according to the Synergy Research Group posted (full article: I like Amazon. We use Amazon. However as a cloud application provider ourselves we like having options so it is good news that there is more of a balance. This simply validates that […]

ITExpo – Vegas

Some of the team will at the ITExpo in Vegas Aug 11-14th. It will be interesting to see how everyone is approaching remote support with so much focus on the cloud. If you want to meet up drop us a line. We are always interested in talking to partners that deliver cloud applications.