What problem are you trying to solve?

Endpoint problems threaten scalability as support technicians spend most of their time proving issues are not the fault of their technology. SupportLine’s goal is to prove to both parties where the problem is at and enable the tools to affect the outcome as fast as possible.

What do you do?

SupportLine offers “on-the-fly” management that can enable a support tech to have instant access to key performance metrics that’s relevant to the end user’s environment. It enables support teams to objectively and gracefully show customers where problems are. Most of the time techs jump to screen share which is a time sink and is intrusive to the end user. Although SupportLine offers screen share to the Endpoint most people don’t need it because the integrated tools are very strong.

Who is it for?

SupportLine is for teams that support network equipment and cloud applications especially Unified Communications, SIP, Email and network gear in general. It is designed to enable Cloud Application Providers, Managed Service Providers and VARs to address the support needs of their customers.

What is a typical scenario?

Hosted U.C. Provider: Use Case

When is this NOT useful?

Most groups have robust monitoring and management of server rooms. SupportLine takes care of the Endpoint and unmanaged network between the user and the application.

How does it work?

The best way to understand the overall picture is to watch the videos and look at the diagrams on the Product page. That being said SupportLine’s are “thrown” from the host-able portal (as in you can run your own private instance or use ours). Endpoint Users click on the link which gives SupportLine a communication link to initiate tests. Some can be done instantly and w/o loading anything else (such as Cloud route analysis or throughput tests). For more advanced capabilities either a java applet can be run or a “Run Once” style app can be started. In no scenario is installing anything required either on the Endpoint side or the technician side.

The most important thing to note is that all tests are run between the Endpoint and our Support-Post app that you can install wherever key applications are running. In other words Endpoints are testing to wherever is more relevant and does so directly. Meanwhile all the metrics and tools are routed seamlessly through the Portal and no firewall ports need to be changed anywhere.

How does licensing work? What does it cost?

Please take a look a the Pricing page.

What is the Centralized Portal?

The Portal is the host-able backend software where users login and all SupportLines are connected to/through. Please take a look at the Product page for more information

What differentiates your solution from everything else?

  1. Almost everything is about managing the back end servers that host applications. The Cloud in general is all about scalable back end tech. The problem is that the Endpoint device and the networks they traverse are where the problem is now. SupportLine is the only solution that is focused exclusively on this problem
  2. Screen share seems to be the only technical step that can be done (after support teams confirm that their servers are all good). As such SupportLine adds Application, Network & OS tools enabled on-the-fly that prevents the need for Screen Share in the first place.
  3. Our goal is to isolate where Endpoint / User problems are happening and prove that the problem is not on the server provider side