SupportLine Pricing has 2 Modes: Diagnostics & Monitoring


Diagnostics starts with an OPS Base Pack (SL-OPS) which enables all features (except monitoring) for up to 5 technician logins. This license fee includes on-the-fly endpoint testing, diagnostics, analytics, management, remote access and a hosted unified, centralized portal. Need more? Add technicians using (SL-TECH1)

A Beacon app (SL-BEACON) needs to be installed in order to give Endpoints a relevant place to do testing to. Are you hosted? You’ll probably just need one. Are you supporting premise solutions? You’ll need one at the respective “HQ”.


If you want 1 or more Beacons to continually test performance and alert when problems occur then enable the Monitoring license. Hosted provider? Total up your endpoints. The first 1000 is $0.35US per endpoint per month. After that it is $0.75US per endpoint per month. You may charge what you like within your overall bundles for the value add to your customers. For premise based deployments the pricing is the same but the Endpoints are per “Company”.

SKU Description Price “Pay as You Go” Price
SL-OPS OPS Base Pack. All features except monitoring.. Focused on Assessment & Diagnostics. (This item includes 5 Support Tech Licenses). (Required) $1,000 US Monthly $1,000 US Monthly
SL-TECH1 1 Additional Support Tech License. For Support Techs above the 5 in OPS Base Pack. (Optional)
$100 US Monthly $100 US Monthly
SL-BEACON 1 Beacon App. Testing happens between the Endpoint and a given Beacon. It is required to make the testing path relevant. Expect to deploy 1 to each customer. (Required)
$200 US Monthly $140 US Monthly
SL-MON-SMB Monitoring and Alerting for 1 Endpoint up to 1000 Endpoints. (Optional)
$0.50 US Monthly $0.35 US Monthly
SL-MON-ENT Monitoring and Alerting for 1 Endpoint for customers with more than 1000 Endpoints.
$0.25 US Monthly $0.175 US Monthly